Socialinių mokslų kolegijos Studentų klubas


The College of Social Sciences student club (CSS student club), founded in 1999, is a Non-Governmental Organization and, since 2009, a public entity, an association active in organizing of and participating in social and community initiatives. The organisation is also active in public events organized by the city and protecting the interests of all college students.

College of Social Sciences student club activities:
The College Student Club is fast growing and renowned for its social events a Youth Association, which organizes various campaigns, events and festivals, not only in Klaipeda region, but in the whole country. CSS Student Club is a member of Klaipeda Association of Youth Organizations "Round Table", joining together the most active youth in Klaipeda. Youth club actively participates in international projects and cooperates with third countries' youth. For a few years the CSS Student Club organize the Christmas kindness campaign „Give a smile“. During this campaign the students visit orphans, children with physical and mental disabilities, youths and seniors, providing them social services and support. The CSS student club can boast with a few awards for an active social activities. CSS Student Club is also known as the most active youth organization, eager to encourage the younger generations citizenship and desiring to preserve the historical heritage of Lithuania. The club is preparing seminars, promotions, celebrations for Lithuanian name glorifying, the younger generations employment issues, integration into society of youth with disabilities. Each year the CSS Student Club seeks to involve more seaport people in the public support for the socially weakest group of society - children with disabilities, homeless people and older people.


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Socialinių mokslų kolegijos Studentų klubas
Tilzes street 52
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