Concrete Objectives of SenVol are:

  • - to share and exchange good practice and activities in which each organisation has experiences in the context of volunteering
  • - to collect basic information about volunteering in all partner countries
  • - to create working groups on national and European level to discuss different aspects of volunteering and to promote the exchange of experiences and knowledge between volunteers and volunteer organiations
  • - to collect good practice examples within Europe
  • - to develop guidelines for volunteers and volunteer organisations

gdansk-1.jpg Subjects or problems to adress:

  • - to raise the awareness of the fact that our society would not be able to act without volunteering
  • - to encourage older people to participate in volunteer activities on national and European level, having in mind that there are more and more retirees who want to stay active and that there is a treasure of knowledge and experiences
    in the group of older volunteers
  • - to provide detailed informations for seniors in all partner countries about the possibilites of volunteering on European and national level
  • - to promote exchange of knowledge between volunteers