Towarzystwo Edukacyjne „Wiedza Powszechna”


The Educational Association „Common Knowledge” was established on 27. October 1998. It consists of teachers, academics, sociologists and runs the Common Knowledge Centre. The Association carries out educational activity for the whole society. The mission of the Association is disseminating knowledge and humanistic values as well as shaping high intellectual and moral levels of the society. We have participants with specific needs - e.g. participants at risk of social exclusion, elderly people, village women.

The main aims of the Association are:
• activities supporting science and education and promoting lifelong learning
• preparing members of the society for terms of living in a global community and equiping them with knowledge and skills necessary to function in a global society
• conducting pro-European education, shaping attitudes that would be favourably inclined towards European integration and equiping the Polish society with knowledge and skills necessary to function properly in the unified Europe
• activities supporting European integration and developing contacts and cooperation between societies
• activities supporting the development of citizen society and increasing citizen competences

The aims are accomplished by the following forms of activities:
- conducting courses concerning education and improvement within different fields of knowledge and skills
- organizing lectures and talks
- organizing training courses and workshops
- organizing conferences, seminars and discussion meetings
- publishing activity
- scientific and research activity
- educational tourism


Anna Odrobinska
Startova 21 f/12
80461Gdańsk, POLAND