In all countries in the EU citizens are volunteering. People of all ages, but specially senior citizens, contribute in a positive way to their community. We should be aware of the fact that our society would not be able to act without volunteering. People invest free time in hospitals, in care, in the fire-brigade, in ecology groups, in the Red Cross, in churches and sport clubs, in education etc. This is a great potential for our social and economic development.

On the other hand volunteering is a way for seniors to stay active, to be able to make a contribution to the society, to gain new skills and competences, these are important learning opportunities. Volunteering is active civic participation and it strengthens common European values such as solidarity and social cohesion. Without volunteers in different fields our society would miss a lot. It is time to reflect on this fact and to value the benefits of volunteering, on regional, national and European level. Volunteering has an impact to our society and to the volunteers themselves.

There is a different history for volunteering and there are different approaches for volunteering in different countries. Our project will enable volunteers and volunteer organisations from the participating countries to meet and to share their approaches, experiences and knowledge.