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Liceul Pedagogic


Our school includes students from three to eighteen/nineteen years old. That means it comprises a kindergarten, a primary, a high school. Our school has both vocational (pedagogic section, i.e. training teachers for extracurricular activities, and sport section) and general classes offering the following profiles: Mathematics-Informatics, Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, Philology. There is also a Low frequency school for adults who want to complete their education.

This large palette of profiles attracts students from the whole county. That is why we have got lots of students from ethnic groups in Romania. Many of our students come from modest families that live in the rural areas and they stay in our boarding department. In some classrooms you can find students with disabilities, they are completely integrated in the activities. So, ll these are problems that teachers must deal with. That is why we try to involve them in different projects (national and international) in order to keep permanently an eye on them and to take somehow the place of the parents.
The relation between teachers and students is based on trust, a real communication and respect, teachers help the children to fulfil their objectives. The aim is to make students from both vocational and general sections feel that they are capable- at their own level - to use a foreign language in order to investigate an international theme, to discuss, to evaluate, to report and to work out in a responsible way. Moreover, it is our explicit aim to gradually improve the communicative skills of our students and to strengthen their self-confidence and self-esteem by bringing them into contact with foreign students. We also want to encourage them to have an open mind in a continuously growing Europe.


Monica Petre
Liceul Pedagogic
Str. Comerţului 11C
820113 Tulcea, Romania

  • Documentul contine prezentarea actiunilor umanitare organizate de Fundatia Noroc cu ocazia sărbătorilor de Crăciun
  • Vă propun în continuare sa vizualizați spotul de promovare a Anului European al Voluntariatului, spot realizat de Provobis.

  • Imagini de la diseminarea făcută în cadrul întâlnirii responsabililor de proiecte din 07.12.2011.Întâlnirea a avut loc în cadrul Festivalului National al sanselor tale".

05.12.2011 041.jpg05.12.2011 043.jpg05.12.2011 053.jpg

  • Acest document contine prezentarea făcută de echipa Liceului nostru în cadrul întâlnirii din Spania.


  • Documentul prezintă rezultatele întâlnirilor naționale de lucru din 12-13 septembrie și din 17-18 septembrie

  • Diseminarea făcută la seminarul "Mediul social mai sigur pentru o educație mai performantă" din cadrul Festivalului Național al Șanselor Țale-România, 26 noiembrie2012

Vă voi prezenta poze făcute cu această ocazie, precum și prezentarea Power Point folosită.DSC08568.JPGDSC08573.JPG

  • Diseminarea întâlnirii din Tulcea realizată de prof. Șerban Eugen și Petre Monica în cadrul ședinței Consiliului profesoral din 5.XI.2012.S-a prezentat filmul realizat de prof. Șerban Eugen și pe care îl puteți viziona aici.

  • We disseminated our meeting in Romania within the Teacher's Council from 5 November 2012 in the presence of 42 teachers.We had a Power Point presentation realised by Monica Petre and a movie realised by Serban Eugen. I used the same presentation within "The National Festival of Your Chances" who was organised on 26 November 2012 but the movie you could see here!

  • Here is the latest newsletter. "NOROC" Tulcea had a busy summer as you can see! Many thanks to our "crew" for orchestrating so many wonderful activities for the children and youth. Post by Petru Solca, learner in thirth meeting.

  • Exemple de bună practică. Acțiuni umanitare inițiate de profesoarele de religie din școala

noastră cu ocazia sărbătorilor de iarnă

  • Examples of good practice.

Humanitarian activities initiated by Religion teachers in our schools on the occasion of the Winter Festivities.

  • Attached is the November/December NOROC newsletter.Petru Solca

  • Acțiuni de voluntariat la Centrul de zi "Pași spre Lumină"

  • Volunteering activities at the ‘Pasi spre lumina” Centre


    In baza parteneriatului ,, Impreuna,, cu scoala gimnaziala speciala nr 14 d-na prof Caraman Liliana si d-na prof. Radion Narcisa –Liceul Teoretic Ion Creanga insotite de elevii claselor a X-a D si a XI -a E au participat la doua activitati de voluntariat:
    -24 februarie am marcat impreuna,, Ziua de Dragobete,, prin realizarea unei scurte prezentari a semnificatiei zilei, realizarea de felicitari impreuna: elevii de liceu si elevii de gimnaziu cu nevoi speciale , oferirea de cadouri. Activitatea a fost un prilej de cunoastere, socializare, o adevarata lectie de viata, atat pentru adulti cat si pentru elevi.

  • Volunteering activities: good practice examples

Within the Partnership ”Together” with the Secondary school no. 14 the two teachers Caraman Liliana and Radion Narcisa – ”Ion Creanga” Theoretical Highschool, accompanied by the students in the 10th and 11th grades took part in two volunteering activities:
On February 24 we marked together the ”Dragobete” Day (the Romanian version of ”Valentine’s Day”) through a short presentation of the signification of this day and making cards together: highschool students and secondary school students with special needs, and also gifts offering. This activity was a good opportunity to know each other, to socialize, a real life lesson both for adults and for students.