Our goal is to carry out a photo register of the senior citizens and the volunteers of each of the countries involved in this project. This study will be carried out by photographer Lorenzo Hernández, student at the EOI Fuengirola and senior volunteer www.photolorenzohernandez.com. This part of the project will end with an exhibition which will travel to all these countries.

Senior Citizens in Poland November 2011

The senior citizens in Poland do not have many places to meet, perhaps due to the country's recent past. They usually get together when they go to the early morning mass or on special occasions, like the 1st of November, when the families visit the cemeteries to offer flowers and candles to those who are gone. On this day, the ladies really dress up, as you can see in these pictures. As for the men, they have weather beaten features which make them really interesting. We didn't have many opportunities to talk to them because of the language barrier. Nevertheless, an image says all.

Meeting in Gdansk (Poland) November 2011

Photography Exhibition in aid of the AECC (Spanish Cancer Society) December 2011

To visit the exhibition online, click here

Photographer Lorenzo Hernández, English student at the EOI Fuengirola and participant in the SenVol Project, has recently collaborated with the Spanish Cancer Society. The project comprised a calendar with the patients and the volunteers as models and an exhibition that took place in Malaga from 30th November to 15th December 2011. At the end of the exhibition, the works were donated to the models and the association received the proceeds of the calendar sales.

Meeting in Fuengirola (Spain) February 2012

Flamenco Show at the Spanish meeting February 2012

Lux Mundi charity catwalk show March 2012

The senior volunteers of the Lux Mundi organized a catwalk show in order to raise money for the association on 7 March 2012. You'll find more information about Lux Mundi in the section about good volunting practice.

Information tables at the Colon Cancer Day

The EOI Fuengirola students helped the volunteers of the Spanish Cancer Society (AECC) to give information in English about colon cancer to the foreign residents of Fuengirola on 30th March 2012. They translated the information leaflets into English and gave them away at the information tables.

Storytelling at Vega de Mijas High School

On 15 May 2012 a group of the EOI Fuengirola students of the intermediate and advanced level volunteered to tell stories to the students at Vega de Mijas High school.This activity was organized in collaboration with Ana Quijano, who teaches English at Vega de Mijas. This turned out to be a very enjoyable experience for both kids and storytellers.

Building bridges across generations: Fashion photo shooting "Less Femmes"
LES FEMMES (5).jpg

In this fashion shooting we have brought together three generations of women. Mati, 78, models for the first time. María is just 10. Olga, 18, is the only professional model. Stylist Nuria Higuera, make-up artist Antonio Gracia and photographer Lorenzo Hernández are professionals who have worked as volunteers. The dresses and hats by Chanel, Balenciaga, Givenchi, etc. belong to Malaga's Automobile Museum collection. We'd like to organize similar sessions in the different SenVol countries.
This was a great experience for everybody, especially for Mati, who could appreciate the value of these wonderful clothes and behaved as if she had modeled all her life, working tirelessly and with enthusiasm.
Here we can see that beauty, or elegance for that matter, have no age.
To see the rest of the shooting, click on the photo.

Meeting in Klaipeda (Lithuania) July 2012

Meeting in Tulcea (Romania) September 2012

Meeting in Mola di Bari (Italy) March 2013

Meeting in Graz (Austria) July 2013