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Escuela Oficial de Idiomas de Fuengirola


The Escuela Oficial de Idiomas (EOI) of Fuengirola is a public, specialized institution where we teach general English, French and German to students who are mainly adults. The Escuela has around 800 official students.
We also have six groups of primary and secondary school teachers following the "Cursos de Actualización Lingüística -CAL- del profesorado" (specialized English courses for teachers who are going to teach their non-linguistic subjects in English - Content and Language Integrated Learning- CLIL-), as part of the "Plan de Fomento del Plurilingüismo" (Regional Multilingual Plan).Apart from our official students, we have 500 students for English in our distance education programme "That's English!"

Our area Fuengirola (in the province of Malaga, Spain) is situated on the Costa del Sol and has an economy based mainly on tourism. Due to the general recession, many people have found themselves suddenly without employment. Many of these are now seeking new qualifications on which to base their greater eligibility on finding a new job and learning a foreign language is paramount in our area. The Official School of Languages offers them the opportunity to do this effectively and almost for free, as it is a public institution funded by the regional government of Andalusia.

The big number of senior citizens, both Spanish and from abroad, who have chosen Fuengirola and surrounding areas to retire, means that here is a great number of senior citizens who could possibly act as volunteers. Volunteering is a great way to bring together older local people and senior citizens from abroad, how live here.


Marta Moreno López de Uralde
Paul Mroček Delclós
Escuela Oficial de Idiomas de Fuengirola
Avda. Miramar s/n
29640 Fuengirola, Spain


Photo register

Our goal is to carry out a photo register of the senior citizens and the volunteers of each of the countries involved in this project. This study will be carried out by photographer Lorenzo Hernández, student at the EOI Fuengirola and senior volunteer. This part of the project will end with an exhibition which will travel to all these countries.
Senior citizens in Poland November 2011
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The senior citizens in Poland do not have many places to meet, perhaps due to the country's recent past. They usually get together when they go to the early morning mass or on special occasions, like the 1st of November, when the families visit the cemeteries to offer flowers and candles to those who are gone. On this day, the ladies really dress up, as you can see in these pictures. As for the men, they have weather beaten features which make them really interesting. We didn't have many opportunities to talk to them because of the language barrier. Nevertheless, an image says all.

Lux Mundi charity catwalk show March 2012

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The senior volunteers of the Lux Mundi organized a catwalk show in order to raise money for the association on 7 March 2012. You'll find more information about Lux Mundi in the section about good volunting practice.

Conference about the Scottish Education System

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Retired teachers Anne Beveridge and Maureen Jeffreys shared their professional experience in Scotland and how teaching has changed throughout the years with the EOI Fuengirola students on 22nd March 2012.

Conference about the Association of Families of Alzheimer's Patients (AFA)

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Gordon Cox, a representative of the Association of Families of Alzheimer's Patients (AFA), gave a conference in English at the EOI Fuengirola on 28th March 2012 about the effects of Alzheimer's disease in patients and their families and how the association can help both. The president of the association, Paqui Lebrón, psychologist Raquel and social worker Ángel Pérez, were also present. Debra Luptak, from the Age Care Association helped with the debate.

Information tables at the Colon Cancer Day

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The EOI students helped the volunteers of the Spanish Cancer Society (AECC) to give information in English about colon cancer to the foreign residents of Fuengirola on 30th March 2012. They translated the information leaflets into English and gave them away at the information tables.

Storytelling at Vega de Mijas High School

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On 15 May 2012 a group of the EOI Fuengirola students of the intermediate and advanced level volunteered to tell stories to the students at Vega de Mijas High school. Ángeles Ruíz told a very funny children's game called "Henny Penny", Patricia Cañamero told about her experience as an Erasmus students in Finland and the importance of speaking English to communicate anywhere, Radovan Plocek made his own teenage version of Little Red Riding Hood and Santi Riera gave a practical demonstration of Aikido, which was particularly enjoyed by the students. This activity was organized in collaboration with Ana Quijano, who teaches English at Vega de Mijas. This turned out to be a very enjoyable experience for both kids and storytellers. At the end of the session, the children asked questions about the EOI and how to enroll in the English courses. To see the photo slideshow, click on the image

Food for Thought Awards

On Friday 15th March, Mª Ángeles Moreno was awarded the prize to the best reader in 2013 at E.O.I. Fuengirola for her contribution to the project Food For Thought”. Mª Ángeles displayed great enthusiasm and determination. However, the rest of the participants did not give up and persevere to catch up. In this project, students signed up to take part in a campaign in which books or magazines were borrowed in exchange for food, which was collected in the school premise and later offered to the Red Cross, a charity of the students' choice. To see the photo Slide Show, click on the image.

SenVol Activities at the EOI Fuengirola

These are the activities we have organized so far. You can find more information at News SenVolSpain clicking on the link at the top.
  • Exchanging experiences: Conference about the Scottish Education System
  • Conference about the Association of Families of Alzheimer's Patients AFA
  • Collaborating with the AECC: Information tables at the Colon Cancer Day and Fund Raising Day
  • Conference about volunteering at Age Care Costa del Sol
  • Finding volunteers for AFA, AECC, Cudeca and Lux Mundi among our students
  • Exchanging experiences: Storytelling at Vega de Mijas High School
  • Conversation club with senior volunteers from Age Care Costa del Sol at the Manila Bar
  • Conversation club with senior volunteers at Lux Mundi
  • Conversation club with senior citizens at the EOI Fuengirola
  • Food for Though project: students borrow magazines and books in exchange for contributions to a food bank.
  • Sponsored reading: intermediate students read the first original novel and find sponsors to their reading who contribute to a food bank.
  • Exchanging experiences: Conference on the American Electoral System by Debra Luptak from Age Care Costa del Sol
  • Collaborating with Age Care: EOI students visit senior citizens in their homes.
  • Collaborating with the AECC: Information tables on the World Cancer Day
  • Collaborating with AFA: translating at a conference on Alzheimer's disease for foreign senior citizens at Lux Mundi.
  • Collaborating with AFA: EOI Fuengirola Physiotherapy student translate at physiotherapy session for an English-speaking client of AFA.
  • Dissemination talk at the EOI Los Pacos (Fuengirola)

SenVol dissemination in Spain

This is what we have done to give publicity to our project in our area.

Examples of good volunteer practice

Here you will find examples of good volunteer practice in different associations in the area of Fuengirola and the province of Malaga.

Volunteering in Spain

Here you will find data and information about the situation of volunteering in Spain